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Professional Hospitality Management Certification Program

Upcoming Training Sessions
  • September 11 – October 6, 2017
  • January 8 – February 3, 2018
  • February 5 – March 3, 2018
  • March 4 – March 31, 2018
  • April 1 – April 28, 2018
  • April 29 – May 26, 2018
  • June 3 – June 30, 2018
  • July 8 – August 4, 2018
  • August 5 – August 31, 2018
  • September 9 – October 6, 2018
  • October 14 – November 10, 2018

Private On-Site Two-Week Estate Management training available by request. Call (855) 399-7325 x1073 for details.

Training the Next Generation of Estate Managers

We provide an unparalleled quality of training and exceptional level of service to graduate world-class service professionals that are the best in the industry.

For Students
Looking for an exciting and rewarding new career with excellent pay and amazing opportunities?

In recent years, the private service industry has entered a wider and more sophisticated range of possibilities.

Now more than ever, individuals from a variety of backgrounds are finding careers in the private service sector.

Salaries for the private service professional begin at $46,000. According to the Domestic Estate Management Association, 40 percent of its members earn between $91,000 and $150,000.

A lifelong career in any division within the private service industry is attributed to the education, training and innate decorum of the individual.

Peak Technical Institute’s Professional Hospitality Management program provides the foundation for individuals to succeed.

Our four-week course molds individuals with the necessary skills and training to land quality jobs within many sectors including luxury travel, high-end cuisine, five-star hotels and resorts and estate management.

For Estate Owners
Searching to provide training of distinction and world-class service for your estate management team?

Throughout this four-week, 175-hour course, students visit multiple properties in the Knoxville, TN region, including various estates and corporations.

Although in-class training is held at Peak Technical Institute global headquarters in Maryville, TN, students also gain direct experience in an actual household setting that is designed specifically for household management training.

An actual employment experience can very likely involve a home that is much like the home you will train in. Villa Collina, the largest private residence in the state and the 87th largest home in the country is located nearby in Knoxville, TN. At 36,720 square feet, with 50 rooms, 11 bathrooms and an indoor pool. This offsite training is one of the many enhanced, one-of-a-kind offerings this program provides to its students.

Our students also gain knowledge in Smart Home technology by visiting residences using this cutting-edge technology and a distinguished restaurant featuring world-class dining and wine specialists that have also benefited from our one-of-a-kind course.

What distinguishes Professional Hospitality Management?

We deliver excellence

We teach leadership skills. We don’t simply teach individuals how to be butlers or household managers. We instill a sense of leadership in each student, catapulting the future professional hospitality manager to take professional responsibility beyond their day-to-day estate duties.

We incorporate real-world scenarios of household management utilizing Peak Technical Institute’s President and CEO Eric W. Barton, who serves as acting principal throughout the course. Students are exposed to many aspects of life as a principal, including social, philanthropic – such as charity work that the principal does in the community – and his corporate interactions, gaining a better understanding of how to best serve their principle.

Unparalleled standards

The genesis of Professional Hospitality Management began with the Enlisted Aide training program through Peak Technical Institute’s sister company Front Range Training and Consulting. The Enlisted Aides are assigned to serve in a General Officer’s residence to create and maintain an environment suitable for that general to conduct official business. These top-level graduates solidify PTI’s belief in the need to have top level, sophisticated and loyal professional hospitality managers serving in the homes of America’s brightest minds. With that groundwork, the civilian program – Professional Hospitality Management – was created. PHM does not train on military standards but rather utilizes the highest standards established in Enlisted Aide training to create the best practices for today’s household manager.
2017 Enlisted Aide dates: April 3 – 14 & October 16 – 27

Why choose Professional Hospitality Management above the rest?

Estates require the finest world-class service professionals to fulfill management roles, and with current needs and expectations more vital than ever, a higher level of competence, knowledge and poise is essential.

The Professional Hospitality Management program fulfills all of these needs as well as additional training that most programs do not cover such as household security, emergency preparation, international etiquette and smart home technology.

From developing leadership skills to table setting and mixology, the PHM program is comprehensive and effective. The four week, 175-hour course provides graduates with a solid education and the necessary experience to provide world-class service and management. Course cost: $9,500 $6,500.


The Estate House Management training program at Peak Hospitality Institute is a excellent highly well rounded educational school for the Domestic Private Service Industry. The instructor Mr. King is extremely knowledgeable in all fields of study and trains you to have the finest eye for detail. I recommended this course for the novice and the already experienced Domestic Private Service professional.

This class has been a great way to not only learn a lot of everyday applications, but to open your eyes to a new way of thinking and attention to detail. Thank you!

I have been a working professional for over 10 years, and I have never partaken in a program that was more valuable to my career. The lessons learned in the PHM Course are applicable to all aspects of management. I have been able to immediately use the education I received in my personal and professional life.

Start the path to success
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