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I attended the front desk training in Knoxville at the Holiday Inn last week. I really enjoyed the training and thought you had some very good insight into dealing with people in the environment that I am in on a daily basis. You got me to notice things in my job performance and my way of handling people that I have never thought of before. The part of speaking more confidently and not using uhh or umm was very helpful. I have been trying to take that out of my vocabulary. Also the mirroring technique with making sure of what the client is telling you and repeating it back to them. This is a very helpful tool to be able to better satisfy the customer and get to a better resolution with them to solve the problem. I found the training course very informational and helpful.

Hank P.,

(Event Coordinator,August 2016)

The Estate House Management training program at Peak Hospitality Institute is a excellent highly well rounded educational school for the Domestic Private Service Industry. The instructor Mr. King is extremely knowledgeable in all fields of study and trains you to have the finest eye for detail. I recommended this course for the novice and the already experienced Domestic Private Service professional.

David B.,

(Future Estate Manager,June/July 2016)

This class has been a great way to not only learn a lot of everyday applications, but to open your eyes to a new way of thinking and attention to detail. Thank you!

Brittani F.,

(Future Estate Manager,2015)

I have been a working professional for over 10 years, and I have never partaken in a program that was more valuable to my career. The lessons learned in the PHM Course are applicable to all aspects of management. I have been able to immediately use the education I received in my personal and professional life.

Robert A.,

(Business Owner,2013)

I wish I would have attended this course sooner, great information, material and guidance. Thank you.

Carolina A.,


As a young adult striving to jump-start my career on the right foot, the seminars have given me much-needed confidence when conducting myself around peers and business executives

Adam M.,

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